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About Vertical Images

The Vertical Images company offers unique knowledge and experience in operation of unmanned aerial vehicles for different purposes. We have a team specialized at:

Our vehicles and pilots are registered by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Vertical Images company holds a licence to perform aerial operations with unmanned vehicles, as one of few in the Czech Republic. We are also fully insured both against damage liability towards third parties, as well as with regard to damage to equipment carried on the unmanned vehicle.

Vertical Images is a founding member of the Czech Professional Unmanned Vehicles Operators Association ( and the company's executive, Mr. Petr Lněnička, is currently the chairman of the association.

Vertical Images Management

Petr Lněnička

Petr Lněnička

Company executive, camera operator / photographer / sale / pilot

Petr is the company's executive and one of its founders; he is most of all the innovator and promoter of new solutions and procedures. He is an experienced and acknowledged film-maker and photographer. He came to the unmanned vehicles from piloting "real" planes so he understands the legal and safety requirements of their operation very well.

You can usually meet him when arranging your commissions, consultations or as a pilot, and mainly the camera operator in film sets.


Milan Žemlička

Company executive, sale

Milan is an executive of the company and he is a specialist in marketing and advertising. At the same time he is a key accounts manager, especially for clients of our technology and industrial department.

Vertical Images

Vertical Images s.r.o.
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Petr Lněnička - kameraman, fotograf, obchod
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