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Aerial cinematography

Vertical Images produces top-quality aerial shots from remote-controlled aircraft, so called copters. We are able to film from the height and distance of several meters, as well as from several hundreds of meters. Our services are used by renowned companies from the field of television, film and advertising production.

Technical specifications

We fly aircraft capable of carrying cameras with weight from several hundreds of grams to 6kg. We fly both with small cameras like the Panasonic GH4 (4K video) and all the way up to the RED cameras.

Other parameters

  • Stabilization – we use the state-of-the-art camera stabilization MOVI (M5 a M15), stabilized and mobile in three axes. The resulting video is vibrations-free – there is no need to stabilize it in post-production.
  • We are capable of carrying cameras of up to 6kg.
  • Maximum height of flight over the terrain – 300 m. Maximum distance from the pilot – about 800m.
  • Maximum flight duration – 8-25 minutes (depending on temperature, manner of flight, batteries used), we are able to perform 16 flights without charging and we can charge the batteries even when travelling.
  • We have wireless real-time full HD or SD stream to be despleied on ground monitors or fed live

Why Vertical Images

  • We are an experienced team of specialists, both pilots and camera operators /photographers. We take pride in our top-class results.
  • There are experienced film-makers and photographers on our team so we understand your needs and requirements, both in aerial film production, and its post-production processing.
  • We can also process the aerial video in post-production – from stabilization to colour corrections and editing.
  • Our aerial vehicles are approved and the pilots are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • We are fully insured for any damage possibly caused by us.
  • We take pride in carrying all aerial work out in a safe way.
Vertical Images

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