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Vertical Images s.r.o.
Habrová 1445, 363 01 Ostrov, Czech Republic
Corp. ID: 03203671, VAT ID.: CZ03203671


Telephone: +420 777 204 558


Petr Lněnička - Managing Director
tel.: +420 777 204 558


Milan Žemlička - Managing Director
tel.: +420 777 553 880


Monika Lněničková - Accountant / invoicing


Vertical Images Management

Petr Lněnička

Petr Lněnička

Company executive, camera operator / photographer / sale / pilot

Petr is the company's executive and one of its founders; he is most of all the innovator and promoter of new solutions and procedures. He is an experienced and acknowledged film-maker and photographer. He came to the unmanned vehicles from piloting "real" planes so he understands the legal and safety requirements of their operation very well.

You can usually meet him when arranging your commissions, consultations or as a pilot, and mainly the camera operator in film sets.


Milan Žemlička

Company executive, sale

Milan is an executive of the company and he is a specialist in marketing and advertising. At the same time he is a key accounts manager, especially for clients of our technology and industrial department.

Vertical Images

Vertical Images s.r.o.
Habrová 1445, 363 01 Ostrov
Petr Lněnička - kameraman, fotograf, obchod
777 204 558,