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Sale and manufacture of UAV

We make and sell unmanned aerial vehicles tailored to your needs. In the last two years we made and delivered over 100 unmanned aerial vehicles, from small quadrocopters, weighting about 1 kilogram, to large octocopters, weighting 40 kg and carrying a load of up to 20kg.

Our pilots annually spend hundreds of hours flying the unmanned vehicles and our experience is then transferred to the construction and modifications of the delivered machines.

We build professional unmanned aerial vehicles designed specifically for:

  • filming and advertising, with payload carrying ability of 1kg to 6kg
  • mapping, carrying a LiDAR or camera, with flying time of up to 50 minutes
  • heights inspections, with high definition camera or infra-red camera

All unmanned aerial vehicles are delivered after flight tests and we can also provide UAV pilot and operator training if demanded by the client. We can assist in registration of the unmanned aerial vehicles and arranging the Licence for performance of aerial operation by unmanned aerial vehicles from the Civil Aviation Authority.

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