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UAV pilots training

Over 60 people were trained in our UAV pilots classes in 2014. Our instructors are top-class in the field with everyday practice in the real conditions of unmanned aerial vehicles operation. The training is organized as a one- or more day. The Vertical Images training is a great preparation to passing the test pilot registration with the Civil Aviation Authority.

In our training, you will first fly with small craft (Phantom 2, F550 hexocopter) and then you can gradually go to the larger ones (S900, S1000 ...).

What will you learn during the training?


  • Description of the vehicle and its individual parts
  • Charging, batteries
  • Regular checks of the vehicle
  • Basic maintenance and repairs


  • Signalization of the control unit, problems and dealing with them
  • Calibration of the vehicle, control unit
  • Pre-flight preparation, check list
  • Meteorological limits (wind, visibility, rain, temperature), meteorological forecasts
  • Basics of flying (8-12 flights of 15-20 minutes per flight / day)
  • Safety of flying
  • GPS / ATT / FS
  • Fail Safe, taking over from FS
  • IOC / HC / CL
  • Going down
  • Low voltage, signalization

Photography / filming

  • Type of the camera/photographic camera used
  • Stabilization of the camera - gimbals, vibrations, jello
  • Photography and video set ups
  • Basics of aerial photography / video (composition, light … )

Legal issues

  • UCL – certification, basic information
  • Schedule X, other laws
  • Flight spaces
  • Aisview
  • Limiting the control units DJI (NAZA, WOOKONG, A2)

Software, upgrade

  • Control units and other parts – upgrade, set up
  • Testing after upgrade
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